Mental Health Survey For Traders
Are emotional trading mistakes causing you to lose money? This mental health survey is designed specifically for traders. By taking this survey you will gain valuable introspective insight on your trading habits.

Do you have any trades that you've made in the past that you regret?*

Do you keep your losses to yourself?*

After a bad trade, have you ever discussed your mental health with someone else?*

Do you discuss your winning trades with other traders?*

Do you feel discussing a winning trade may jinx you?*

For losing trades, had you manually moved your original stop loss order?*

For winning trades, have you manually exited a trade early due to fear of giving back gains?*

Have you ever felt there are bots that are stop hunting your trades?*

Do you feel the market is rigged?*

Do you think trading is gambling?*

Per CNBC 80% of trades are by bots, do you feel that is unfair to manual traders?*

Do you feel people use trading bots to reduce their emotional mistakes in trading?*

Do you feel history may repeat itself when it comes to trades (e.g. lost 3 Mondays in a row when I went long)?*

Studies show over 90% of manual traders lose money, does that statistic make you anxious?*

Do you believe that you have good luck in trading?*

Do you think it's possible to make a successful career out of trading?*

Do you use historical data (how price moved on particular days & particular times) when trading?*

Do you regularly talk to your significant other about your trades?*

Do you feel trading has taken a toll on your social relationships?*

Have you ever argued with your significant other over a losing trade?*

Do you get a thrill when you win a trade?*

Have ever used dollar-cost averaging to get out of, or reduce the impact of a bad trade? *

Do you diversify your day trades (e.g. trade ES, GC, CL, NQ, NG depending on backtests for particular days & times)?*

Do you recall your last 3 losing trades?*

Do you run extensive backtests on your strategies (e.g. 3+ years on ~1,000 trades) without changing/optimizing parameters?*

Do you recall your last 3 winning trades?*

When experiencing a drawdown, is your primary concern getting back to breakeven?


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