The Four Dogecoin Catalysts

The Four Dogecoin Catalysts

The year is 2010. On May 22nd of that year, Laszlo Hanyecz decided to (indirectly) buy a couple of pizzas from Papa John’s. He opted not to use fiat currency on that day. Rather, he used 10,000 of his bitcoins, at the time worth roughly 0.0025 each, to place his order. As of this writing, the worth of those bitcoins would have been roughly $490,000,000! May 22nd will forever be known as “Bitcoin pizza day.”

Back between 2010 and 2013 online communities, such as Reddit, would tip each other in bitcoins. Very few people could’ve predicted bitcoin at today’s prices. One thing is for certain, the market decides the price. Not those who angrily shout “fundamentals” and “intrinsic value” from the sidelines. Award winning economists can angrily pound the table; call this market nuts, and that’s their prerogative, but the market is the arbiter of price. Period.

Recently, Elon Musk ran a poll in which a great majority of 2,432,725 voters overwhelmingly voted that the future currency of earth would be DOGE. I’m certainly not claiming that will happen, but the energy of seemingly millions of people supporting DOGE is indisputable. On Reddit alone r/Dogecoin has grown to 1.1 million members.  The world, particularly the corporate world, is now paying attention.

Potential Catalysts

Catalyst # 1: I’ve seen people on Reddit and Twitter say that there are going to be updates in development, which will be a catalyst. It’s worth noting that after a long period of inactivity, certain dogecoin development has recently taken place, which you can see on Github here  and here. I look forward to new development. Let’s see what happens.

Catalyst # 2: I’ve seen people state the upcoming stimulus checks will be a catalyst. Possible, but who knows…

Catalyst #3: I’ve seen people state that if they cap dogecoin, then that will be a catalyst. Some believe that there is unlimited inflation in dogecoin, but that is not the case according to Billy Markus, who tweeted that there is already a “soft cap” on Dogecoin, and the rate of inflation is decreasing each year. In fact, Billy tweeted the inflation rate slowly declines towards 0% as the currency continues on.

Catalyst #4: Much has been discussed in the media of vast numbers of retail investors on Reddit, Twitter, and other such social media platforms banding together to buy DOGE, as well as other tradable instruments. However, I believe those that are truly part of the cryptocurrency community, should put far more energy on asking corporations, including exchanges and payment processors, to accept DOGE as a form of payment. To that end, I have made a list of corporate executives that DOGE holders may want to *respectfully* contact. I have found their contact information from publicly available sources. Imagine banding together for “Macy’s Mondays,” “Target Tuesdays”, or “Wendy’s Wednesdays” where hoards of dogecoin holders are asking these large companies to accept DOGE. Why should these corporations do so? Simple – because DOGE holders will hopefully use dogecoin to buy goods and services from these corporations. Please feel free to share this with the community:

Brian Armstrong
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Emilie Choi
President & Chief Operating Officer

Surojit Chatterjee
Chief Product Officer

Mark Britto
EVP, Chief Product Officer

Jonathan Auerbach
EVP, Chief Strategy, Growth
and Data Officer

Sri Shivananda
EVP, Chief Technology Officer

Brian T. Olsavsky
Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Shelley L. Reynolds
Vice President, Worldwide Controller

Doug McMillon
President and CEO, Walmart Inc.

Brett Biggs
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Jonathan E. Johnson III
CEO, Overstock; President, Medici Ventures

Dave Nielsen
President, Overstock Retail

Adrianne Lee
Chief Financial Officer

Julie Loeger
Senior Vice President, Chief Growth Officer

Mazen Rawashdeh
SVP & Chief Technology Officer

Home Depot
President & Chief Operating Officer

Chief Financial Officer & Executive Vice President

Best Buy
Corie Barry
Chairman & CEO

Mike Mohan
Chief Operating Officer

Allison Peterson
Chief Customer Officer

Jeff Gennette
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Adrian V. Mitchell
Chief Financial Officer

Matt Baer
Chief Digital Officer



Kasper Rorsted, CEO

Martin Shankland, Executive Board Member, Global Operations

Joe Erlinger
President, McDonald’s USA

Michelle Borninkhof
CIO and Vice President, U.S. Technology

Spero Droulias
Chief Financial Officer, McDonald’s USA

Burger King (RBI owns Popeyes too)
Matt Dunnigan
Chief Financial Officer of Restaurant Brands International

Joshua Kobza
Chief Operating Officer of Restaurant Brands International

Brian Cornell
Board Chairman and CEO

John J. Mulligan
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Mark Schindele
Executive Vice President and Chief Stores Officer

Todd A. Penegor
President and Chief Executive Officer, Director

Abigail E. Pringle
President, International and Chief Development Officer

Gunther Plosch
Chief Financial Officer


When contacting these executives, please don’t ask them to accept DOGE since you have bills, and you want the price of DOGE to go up. Corporations care about their profits, not yours:). The best way to get corporations to accept DOGE long-term, is to reward those corporations by buying their goods and services with DOGE.

Cryptocurrencies Are Speculative So Be Careful

Yes, we are all witnessing a lot of energy behind crypto, but that does not change the nature of such an investment. It is deemed a speculative play. The top DOGE wallet, which some have surmised is actually the trading app Robinhood, holds 28.70% of all dogecoins. In the case of BTC, the top 2% of bitcoin holders, hold roughly 95% of all bitcoins! Yes, as of this writing price has gone up with both. BTC is up roughly 361% in the last 12 months, and in those same 12 months, DOGE is up approximately 1,985%, but both are deemed risky plays. As one of the golden rules of investing goes, never invest money you cannot afford to lose.


The information provided is property of Pinnacle Quant, LLC  and  is for informational and educational purposes only. This information is not a solicitation or recommendation to buy or sell any cryptocurrency, security, futures, or foreign exchange contract.


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