Price Action Stats – Last 30 Wednesdays – From 8:30P PST to 9:30P PST


Based on The Last 30 Wednesdays

Price Action Stats Between 8:30P PST to 9:30P PST (11:30P EST to 12:30A EST)

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% Up↑ 40 46.67 60 73.33
% Down↓ 60 46.67 40 26.67
MaxUp↑ 79 74 3162 142
MaxDown↓ -137 -33 -5145 -186
MinUp↑ 22 3 557 27
MinDown↓ -5 -9 -577 -38
AvgUp↑ 41.67 39.43 1322.33 71.09
AvgDown↓ -49.11 -24.29 -1889.5 -88.75
Σ Mean -12.8 7.07 37.6 28.47
1 SD 57.2 35.25 1952.85 82.39
2 SD 114.39 70.5 3905.7 164.78
3 SD 171.59 105.75 5858.55 247.17
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Note: flat price is ignored. Stocks/ETFs calculated in whole points, currencies min tick size.

DISCLAIMER: Futures trading involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors. Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results.

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