Price Action Stats – Last 15 Tuesdays – From 6:30A to 7:30A PST | Generated by Price Action Harvester™ for NinjaTrader 8

Past Stats For: $ES_F $FDAX_F $NQ_F $GC_F

Based on The Last 15 Tuesdays

Price Action Stats Between 6:30A PST to 7:30A PST (9:30A EST to 10:30A EST)

Generated by: Price Action Harvester™ 

Instrument ES 03-21 FDAX 03-21 NQ 03-21 GC 04-21
% Up↑ 53.33 73.33 33.33 26.67
% Down↓ 46.67 26.67 66.67 73.33
MaxUp↑ 77 43 404 186
MaxDown↓ -56 -48 -455 -88
MinUp↑ 2 4 67 12
MinDown↓ -11 -12 -24 -2
AvgUp↑ 36.88 20.45 214.2 60.25
AvgDown↓ -27.71 -31.75 -146.2 -30.36
Σ Mean 6.73 6.53 -26.07 -6.2
1 SD 38.98 26.28 209.03 58.88
2 SD 77.97 52.55 418.07 117.75
3 SD 116.95 78.83 627.1 176.63

Generated by: Price Action Harvester™

Note: flat price is ignored. Stocks/ETFs are calculated in whole points, futures in whole ticks, currencies minimum tick size.  Remember, the information presented is historical price action stats for a particular short term time-frame. Don’t get mad if the historical price action stats shown is not potentially headed in the direction you were hoping it was going to go for the small sampling of the time-frame shown; there are other time-frames in a trading day – some of those other time-frames may be better suited for trading.

Price action stats posts are the sole property of Pinnacle Quant, LLC and the information provided is for informational and educational purposes only. This information is not a solicitation or recommendation to buy or sell any security, futures, or foreign exchange contract. Futures trading involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors.

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