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There are two kinds of people that reach out to us for coding services – 1) retail traders that have understood that manual trading cannot compete against algo or rules-based automated trading, and 2) hedge funds looking to build an impressive trading system to “wow” their clients.

There is a clear common denominator between these two types of clients, and that is both spend a lot of time and money chasing an idea that may end up looking good in simulated backtests, but has a high likelihood of ultimately failing in live cash trading. The number one cause of such failure is curve fitting backtested results, but there are other reasons too. 

We’ve seen so many NinjaTrader coders almost robotically take a concept from a client and turn it into code, yet never advising the client if their trading idea has holes, or known issues. They make their money, and they move on to the next client. The seasoned programmers know the trading idea is likely not going to work, but they won’t tell you that. There was one NinjaTrader developer who refused to even backtest code he developed for other people based on their requirements, because he couldn’t deal with knowing the truth that he made a bunch of money coding something that is likely going to fail, even in simulated backtests.

You could waste a lot of time and money only to end up with disappointment a few months down the line. Note that a great majority of the NinjaTrader consultants are not registered with the CFTC, and are not members of the NFA, meaning they’re not regulated. Assuming the trading system works, and now you want to capitalize on it by starting your own fund, there are regulatory hurdles you could face if you ever wanted to use that code in the future to manage money for others. Pinnacle Quant, LLC is a US based (Los Angeles, CA) Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) registered with CFTC, and is a member of the NFA. 

Don’t waste any more time or money. Start this process on the right footing by consulting with us via a live Zoom call on best practices, and get general advice on what works best, and what doesn’t. We’ve written over 1,000,000 lines of trading code, and have backtested our trading systems on thousands of trades going back to 2008. Our vast experience and can save you a lot of time and money. Spend a little now, and do this the right way! See below to set-up a one-hour consulting session. 

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“This is a very competitive industry. Never let NIH (not invented here) hinder your growth. Reach out, and discover the opportunities you’ve been missing.”

Raffi Sosikian, MBAPrincipal of Pinnacle Quant, LLC, CTA

*Futures trading involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors. Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results.