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Leading Quant-Based Automated Trading Strategy for NinjaTrader 8

We offer transparent pricing, and a free no-obligation Zoom demonstration of our unique automated trading software’s capabilities, so you can experience the difference for yourself! Hundreds of clients have used our quant-based automated trading systems. If you’re serious about investing in your trading business, and see yourself trading for years to come (at some point you may decide to pass this valuable software down to your children when it’s their turn to put money to work), then request your demo today, and see if this is a good solution for your trading needs!

Why Use Pinnacle Quant?

Unlike other automated trading systems built for the NinjaTrader platform, our unique quant-based automated trading algorithm incorporates historical price action data to our unique current price action technical analysis. Thus, using our system, based on data-driven historical price action, you can quickly, easily, and efficiently pick the right instrument(s), on the best days , and during the best times for our system to trade for you.

Moreover, our automated strategy offers extensive risk and money management parameters so you can set your own risk/reward objectives and money management rules for any given trading day. We also offer a unique event-driven strategy in our latest version that has excited many of our clients.

Several NinjaTrader vendors have turned to us to help them code and improve their software. Why not go directly to the source and see the difference for yourself! Pinnacle Quant, LLC is a Commodity Trading Advisory firm that’s regulated by the CFTC (NFA ID #0516752). We look forward to serving you!

Who We Serve

Asset Managers

Prop Traders

Retail Traders

“Wealth hastily gotten will dwindle, but those who gather little by little will increase it.” – Proverbs 13:11

Raffi Sosikian, principal at Pinnacle Quant LLC, being interviewed by Matthias Knab of Opalesque TV while at the SALT conference in Las Vegas. 

“Discover for yourself if this unique professional grade trading system is a good fit for your trading (business) objectives. “

Raffi Sosikian, MBAPrincipal of Pinnacle Quant, LLC, CTA