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Welcome! As you know, tens of millions of people around the world are attempting to increase the returns of their investment portfolios by placing trades, but did you know that most professionals would rather trade futures, than stocks or options, and the best traders aren’t technically trading at all, because they are using trading systems to trade for them, while they’re doing something else! That is what we do at Pinnacle Quant, LLC – we offer powerful trading systems at relatively affordable prices for retail investors.  In our latest release, Price Action Pivoter™ V2, we introduce MLPriceMapper™, utilizing LSTM technology and Python algorithms that forecast price direction and range for the next RTH session. MLPriceMapper™ empowers traders to train the LSTM model with financial data from our BulkDataGrabber™ software, facilitating data-driven market forecasts. The suite of tools in Price Action Pivoter™ V2 is specifically designed for active day traders seeking to automate their trades, eliminate emotional decisions, and reclaim screen time via systematic trade and money management rules. Join hundreds of traders and experience the Pinnacle Quant difference firsthand with a no-obligation Zoom demo.

Why incur substantial quarterly fees for systematic funds and CTAs that merely utilize automated trading software? Why not acquire this automated trading technology directly? At Pinnacle Quant, LLC, CTA (NFA #0516752), we offer you the identical quant-based algorithmic trading systems and automated strategies that would otherwise be deployed for client fund management at a small fraction of the price it would cost to build a powerful system like ours in-house. Additionally, as a tangible property, this trading software qualifies as a depreciable tax expense. We’re enthusiastic about assisting you on your trading journey and look forward to serving you!


10 Reason to Choose Trading Futures vs Stocks or Options

1. 60/40 Rule Tax Savings: Futures trading enjoys more favorable tax treatment with the 60/40 rule, where 60% of gains are taxed as long-term capital gains and 40% as short-term.
2. Better Liquidity: Futures markets often have higher liquidity compared to options, facilitating easier entry and exit.
3. Centralized Market: Futures are traded on centralized exchanges like the CME, ensuring more standardized pricing and reduced manipulation risks.
4. No Market Makers: The absence of market makers in futures reduces the possibility of price manipulation.
5. No Payment for Order Flow (PFOF): Unlike stocks, futures trading doesn’t involve selling order flow data, which can influence stock pricing.
6. Leverage: Futures provide higher leverage, allowing traders to control larger positions with a smaller amount of capital.
7. Hedging Capabilities: Futures are effective for hedging against price movements in various assets.
8. No Time Decay: Unlike options, futures don’t suffer from time decay, making them more suitable for longer-term positions.
9. Diverse Asset Classes: Futures markets offer a wide range of underlying assets, including commodities, indices, and currencies.
10. Simpler Pricing: The pricing of futures is generally more straightforward than the complex pricing models of options.

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“Wealth hastily gotten will dwindle, but those who gather little by little will increase it.” – Proverbs 13:11

Raffi Sosikian, principal at Pinnacle Quant LLC, being interviewed by Matthias Knab of Opalesque TV while at the SALT conference in Las Vegas. 

“Explore whether our unique, professional-grade NinjaTrader automated trading systems, equipped with advanced algorithmic trading  strategies, align with your trading goals. If not, we’re ready to craft bespoke AI trading systems using Python tailored to your needs.”

Raffi Sosikian, MBAPrincipal of Pinnacle Quant, LLC, CTA